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My name is Mirte van Dijk, and I work with image and text.

I develop strategic content in written communication and write from the essence of nature: efficient communication. Nothing more, nothing less. 
And when there is no need or space for written communication I focus on product photography.

For many years my work has been displayed within the sector of the outdoors and outdoor living. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, my work shifted from what was once part of my life to more society based assignments. I work together with freelance graphic designers and translators to deliver exactly the story you want to tell.

Our shared vision is based on delivering maximum performance by being creative with only a few tools. Less is more if every word is worth it.

What can I do for you?

Whether you know what to say but can’t find the right words or think you have found the right words but are in reality saying something different: the result and effect of written language can no longer be underestimated. 

SO, how can I help?


I edit existing content or rewrite it for you. My focus lies on the tone of voice, length of the text and the goal of the written content. 


How can you persuade the reader? Not only the order of the presented content is crucial, but also the chosen information itself.


Nothing gets lost in translation. I work together with a big team of translators and can deliver any message you need.

Let's write it down.

Putting your thoughts on paper is one thing. Choosing the right words for it another. 

We work online. From everywhere. For everyone.

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