MVD Media

At the end of every sequence of organising and creating Taste Snowboard Magazine, I write a little editorial. It is meant to be the introduction of upcoming winter season, but also as a inspiration to experience a winter holiday differently. Just to remind everybody that winter is a never ending story.

“You can walk away from everything. Like the the line in front of a ski lift, an annoying monolog from a friend or heavy arguments with your employer. But me, I rather walk towards something. By doing that, I met my best friend standing in line, found myself a new storyline by listening and got myself a new position by arguing. There is only one rule: the amount of time I spent on doing that, is the same amount of time I need to spent in the mountains.”

MVD-Media-1110621.jpg Screen-Shot-2016-03-31-at-13.59.48-copy.jpg Screen-Shot-2016-03-31-at-14.00.05-copy.jpg MVD-Media-1110632.jpg MVD-Media-1110580.jpg MVD-Media-1110618.jpg Screen-Shot-2016-03-31-at-14.00.35-copy.jpg Screen-Shot-2016-03-31-at-14.01.57-copy.jpg