MVD Media

Organising, evaluating and editing a snowboardtest might be the superlative of multitasking. Every year the team have to be found, the boards have to be organised and the area need to be set up.

Working together with a skiing area is based on a marketing relationship. Hosting the test means a well proposed advertorial in return, a complete set up for social media and extra attention on the matching website of Soul Media. Almost the same counts for the participating snowboard brands.

After all is written – like results, FAQ and a dictionary – we end up with a nice complete package of product texts, info stories and travel impressions.

Screen-Shot-2016-04-01-at-17.13.00-copy.jpg Screen-Shot-2016-04-01-at-17.14.19-copy.jpg MVD-Media-1110640.jpg Screen-Shot-2016-04-01-at-17.14.23-copy.jpg MVD-Media-1110638.jpg Screen-Shot-2016-04-01-at-17.14.11-copy.jpg Screen-Shot-2016-04-01-at-17.17.22-copy.jpg Screen-Shot-2016-04-01-at-17.17.02-copy.jpg Screen-Shot-2016-04-01-at-17.16.27-copy.jpg Screen-Shot-2016-04-01-at-17.15.01-copy.jpg Screen-Shot-2016-04-01-at-17.14.28-copy.jpg