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Sankt Anton is famous for it’s precious mountains and challenging valley’s. What we were looking for was found in between those high peaks as well: a very special adventure that was easy to reach.

Equipped with harnesses, carabiners and an extra heavy backpack, we clipped ourselves on to a hidden cable on one of sharpest crests Sankt Anton knows.  There we went, balancing on the ridge while looking down into the beauty of the wide spread valleys. The same valleys we were about to ride down on our snowboard and skis.

‘There we are, at the start of the Rendlspitze (2816m), all dressed up like a Christmas tree. It’s a tiny bit uncomfortable with all the equipment bungeeing around my body. Especially the first hundred meters I feel overdressed with al this climbing gear, but thank God…After thirty minutes I can’t express how much I appreciated the tools to click in, put on and use for the climb that was gonna bring us to the top of our run down.’

‘High rope in Sankt Anton’ is published in Taste Snowboard Magazine and Hoogtelijn.

Pictures: MVD Media

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