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A road trip to Romania? We said ‘yes’ before the plan was finished. Three weeks on the road, as far as the road existed, we were seeking for something we didn’t even know we were looking for it. In the end, ‘Off the map in Romania’ is one of the most published stories in this portfolio.

‘Why would you stick to that what is known, if there are so many unknown places where winter is coming? Following our line all the way to Romania, we ended up in a lost forest listening to the songs of orthodox monks, traveling further along through mud and snow trying to track a way to the mountains and drinking beer with a guy who bought a skilift which he switched on just for us. 

So ask again, why stick to that what you already know?’ 

‘Off the map in Romania’ is published in Taste Snowboard Magazine, White Freeski Magazine, Hoogtelijn Magazine, and online on Teton Gravity, Ridersmatch.

Pictures: Thomas Bekker.

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