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To paddle with a splitboard on top of a kayak through the rough fjords of Northern Norway, was a mission I never heard of before. To built a base camp in the middle of nowhere, from where we could hike up with the skins until we would find a nice line of fresh powder. My answer to if I wanted to join this adventure was ‘yes’, long before I even started to ask questions.

‘There were no birds to wake us up, no sunshine either. There was only the water that splashed on the rocks underneath us quietly. We rolled out of our tent and looked at the kayaks. I rubbed in my eyes. When I opened them, the kayaks were still there. ‘So, this is really happening.’ I said to the guys.

Following the tide schedule, the tide should be lowest around 13:00 PM. That gave us exactly six hours to prepare a coffee, reorganise all the bags and check if we had enough food for the next ten days.’

‘Nowhere in Norway’ is published in Taste Snowboard Magazine, Hoogtelijn, on Teton Gravity, WePowder.

Pictures: MVD Media

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