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In order to find what you are looking for, we traveled to the Monte Rosa massif after being invited by the Turism board of Valle d’Aosta. However the snow conditions were not ideal, we found a very special story when we got dropped off by a helicopter.

“When we find ourselves a little bar in a wooden hut on the slopes after a long day of freeriding, we enjoy our cold drinks with a big smile. Satisfied, coloured by the sun and with spaghetti legs. A guy in a vaguely red ski jacket asks us if there is one more spot available at our table. His name is Patrick and he appeared to be the king of locals and mountain guide. He was born and raised in these impressive mountains. ‘Hey guys, tomorrow I fly with an helicopter, but there are still some empty spots. You can come if you want!’ That didn’t take more than a second to answer ‘HELL YES’.”

‘Mysterious Monte Rosa’ is published in Taste Snowboard Magazine, White Freeski Magazine.

Pictures: Ananda van Welij

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