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Since 1977 my father owns a Citroën Type H. Since ten years I am the one who’s traveling in it. With my childhood in mind, I seek adventure inside Europe. A three-month long journey and 4500 kilometers extra on the display, Mister H still steals the heart of everybody who has met him.

Interviews and stories about our vanlife appeared in different media like Salt Magazine (NL), Grazia and The Adventure Journal. During the trip I published blogs for the Camping Federation of the Netherlands, called NKC. In November 2018 Mister H will be featured in the first edition of Lonely Planet’s ‘The Vanlife Companion’.

>Quite literally, travel is work. For van Dijk, van life isn’t a social media fad. It’s all she’s ever known. “The funny thing I realize now is that I can live everywhere and am not attached easily,” she explains. “I don’t have a home, I travel light and am not materialistic. Yet, I couldn’t imagine having a life without this van. It’s the reason I am who I am now.”< THE ADVENTURE JOURNAL

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