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Professional climber (Patagonia) Matt Helliker went out on a mission in 2017. He was determined to top ‘Fisheye’ an 8c route in Oliana, Spain. I joined him for one day to capture his battle. And he won.

> To climb a route at your limit, everything has to be in your favor, the style, the length, and the conditions need to be perfect. “Fisheye” a 50m 8c in Oliana was a route that would suit my style, a full power endurance/endurance effort. < MATT HELLIKER

The pictures and story were published in Sidetracked Magazine, shared on several social media and used on the website of the climber. Matt is an athlete at Patagonia.

CREDIT-Mirte-van-Dijk-@mirtewashere-MATT-oliana9592.jpg latest-projects-sidetracked.jpg CREDIT-Mirte-van-Dijk-@mirtewashere-MATT-oliana9545.jpg Screen-Shot-2018-07-18-at-18.01.24-copy.jpg CREDIT-Mirte-van-Dijk-@mirtewashere-MATT-oliana9431.jpg Sidetracked-Vol11-MVD-01.jpg CREDIT-Mirte-van-Dijk-@mirtewashere-MATT-oliana9582.jpg CREDIT-Mirte-van-Dijk-@mirtewashere-MATT-oliana9679.jpg