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As I’m currently working together with Vallnord Ordino-Arcalis, it was a pleasure to watch one of her biggest events during the winter: the Freeride World Tour. We were lucky, the Freeride World Tour stayed also for their event of Chamonix, which was also featured in Vallnord Ordino-Arcalis.

Looking through the lens of my camera gave me the opportunity to watch the best freeriders of the world in close up. Clicking on the right moment was a challenge I welcomed with open arms. Even when I was not standing on the for media accessible spot, the pictures will give you a good view of the level of the world best freeriders.

Riders: Ivan Malhakov, Aymar Navarro, Yann Rausis.

@mirtewashere-1820.jpg YANN-RAUSIS-IMG_1864@mirtewashere_.jpg AYMAR-NAVARRO-@mirtewashere.jpg AYMAR-IMG_2459@mirtewashere_.jpg MALAKHOV-IMG_2363@mirtewashere_.jpg @mirtewashere-1850.jpg CONOR-PELTON_1885@mirtewashere_.jpg