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The world of an athlete is one that is difficult to understand. By capturing the most difficult moments that only last one second, you can look at it forever. I like you to see something, something you didn’t see when it happened.

From top to bottom:
Elena Koenz (CH) – Olympic Snowboarder (Nikita)
Matt Helliker (UK) – Professional climber (Patagonia, Black Diamond)
Markus Eder (I) – Professional Freeride Skier (The North Face)
Tim Cruijssen (NL) – Professional Road Cyclist
Seb Jam (F) – Professional Snowboarder on the wakeboard (Anticonf)
Travis Rice (USA) – Professional Snowboarder
JP Solberg (N) – Professional Snowboarder & founder YES Snowboards
Yann Rausis (CH) – Professional Skier (Mammut, Faction)
Jenny Lynch (USA) – Professional Aerial Dancer
Dadino Colturi (I) – Professional Snowboarder

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