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Posted on October 6, 2017 by mvdmedia on Updates

Welcoming STOOV in the portfolio

A small idea can develop big things. The founders of STOOV (2016) heating cushions managed to take the environment in consideration, because we all love to spent time outdoors. So let’s keep the outdoors green, while enjoying it and staying warm.

To start up their social media and first communications, MVD MEDIA delivered their first stock of product pictures.

We love the seasons. From the warm and the cold days. We love fresh snow and campfires. From a winter evening by the fireplace and the first sunshine in the spring.

We look at the world with an open mind. Sometimes with astonishment, always out of curiosity. We wondered why we actually warm the air around us to stay warm. Warm air rises and much energy is lost. There must be another way, right?

We have founded Stoov® to warm people instead of our planet. With sustainable produced and energy-efficient heating cushions. The heating cushions are of the highest quality with maximum ease of use. Meaningful products that make you happy in daily use. Products that prevent waste to minimize the negative impact on our planet.”

Teun van Leijssen, co-founder Stoov.

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