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We l-o-o-o-ve camping. And in Holland we have a giant Camping Federation. They asked me to write about our adventures with Mister H, a 40-year old Citroën. Five times I wrote about living outside, a rolling office and spot hunting. For the Dutch speaking and reading: “Wanneer we vertrekken dan piepen de remmen nog […]

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Welcoming STOOV in the portfolio

A small idea can develop big things. The founders of STOOV (2016) heating cushions managed to take the environment in consideration, because we all love to spent time outdoors. So let’s keep the outdoors green, while enjoying it and staying warm. To start up their social media and first communications, MVD MEDIA delivered their first […]

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Cooperation with GearLimits

“It’s funny how sometimes you meet people that you immediately have a connection with, and even though you don’t see each other often, every time you do meet, the conversation is great, smiles all around and you leave with just a really good feeling. That’s how it has been with Mirte van Dijk (, a […]

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Meet Mister H

Every three months it’s time for a new project, county or home. After living in a teepee last summer, it’s time to dust off the 40 year old Citroën type H- my father bought brand new in 1977 – and make it ready to live in. Meet Mister H. The idea of slow travel is […]

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Content Creator for Vallnord Arcalis

MVD Media picked a new spot as temporary home base: Andorra. With Vallnord Pal/Arinsal as frontyard and Vallnord Arcalis as backyard, the playground is big. This winter MVD Media started a small partnership with Vallnord Arcalis, the biggest freeride area of the Pyrenees. By delivering content for their social media accounts and websites, this partnership […]

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Blogging for VisitTirol continues…

One of the most populair mountain destinations for The Netherlands is Tirol. And I can totally understand that. VisitTirol created a blog website in four different languages. I’m happy to tell you that also this year my work for them continues. With a whole new list of topics you will find the blogs popping up […]

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Mirtewashere online

To give my work – and the life behind my work – a certain identity, I created Mirtewashere. Or @mirtewashere for all that matters. Europe might be the base for my work and life, the world wide web needs to be explored as well. Mirtewashere will therefore be part of the social game called Facebook and […]

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Airtime during Freeride Film Festival

Last winter MVD Media hooked up with Seb Jam, Wildsports & White Adventure and went for a trip to the Pyrenees together. Unexpected we came back with more than one nice picture, more than one nice story and definitely more than one nice experience. With Seb Jam as videomaker on our side, we reached a […]

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New partnership RTL4 Off Piste

I’m happy to announce that MVD Media will work behind the scenes of the brand new wintersport  television program Off Piste! Together with Harm Oljans – GRPtv – and the brain behind I will be working on partnerships to make this program possible. Offpiste is produced by ICP – I Care Productions – and aired on […]

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Cover shots by MVD Media

Winter is coming, and that means busy – BUSY – times for MVD Media. With fresh magazines entering the warm homes of reading and active Netherland, there is a lot to be inspired by. This seasons Hoogtelijn – the magazine of the Dutch Mountaineering Federation – and Taste Snowboard Magazine featured both covers of MVD Media. The […]