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Posted on February 1, 2017 by mvdmedia on News, Travel story, Updates

Mirtewashere online

To give my work – and the life behind my work – a certain identity, I created Mirtewashere. Or @mirtewashere for all that matters.
Europe might be the base for my work and life, the world wide web needs to be explored as well. Mirtewashere will therefore be part of the social game called Facebook and Instagram, just to let you know what’s out there and in how many ways you can work, travel and enjoy.


I know its’s sometimes really hard to follow: how is it possible to travel this much, to live like this, and still work more than forty hours a week? Of course it needs time and courage, but also a certain dedication to your work. Basically all the moments I share on social media, might look like another holiday, but are mostly taken during work.

All my projects, and the projects I do together with my partner Seb Jam, are not arriving in my mailbox that easy. Building something is a lot of work, mostly not even with a pay check at the end of the month. I would never change my laptop for a desktop, because moving around is necessary to keep an eye on everything and look forward to every minute of your work.


With my Facebook page at the start of a new journey,  I will be able to show you the story behind MVD Media. A first look is already up and running on Instagram. But don’t be fooled or take it lightly…this is a journey I started a long time ago.  And it’s a never ending story…