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Posted on October 4, 2017 by mvdmedia on Updates

Cooperation with GearLimits

“It’s funny how sometimes you meet people that you immediately have a connection with, and even though you don’t see each other often, every time you do meet, the conversation is great, smiles all around and you leave with just a really good feeling. That’s how it has been with Mirte van Dijk (, a Dutch snowboarder, adventurer, travel journalist, content creator, creative and much more I have yet to discover. We met Mirte for the first time when she was an agent for Burton Snowboards in the Netherlands; she provided us with a few testboards we were able to review. Since that first time we kept running into each other in various places, Freeride Film festivals, trade shows and such, and we followed all here adventurous exploits through her social media intensively. Every time we spoke we always said: “We need to team up, find a project we can do together!” Mark Stokmans, founder GearLimits.


You don’t meet people with the same enthusiasm as the guys from GearLimits that often. So when you keep running into each other and have a good connection that could work out professionally, you just have to follow up on that. With me and Seb on the road, we like to add something to the great purpose and concept of GearLimits. Maybe from a different perspective, a different angle, but definitely trying to be useful to all of those who are getting out there on an adventure of their own with the right equipment and tools. 

Being a digital nomad is never working out without working together with great minds that think alike. Mark and Hayco have been smiling their biggest smiles every time we talked about work. Now that’s a mindset that we share and can work with. Work becomes hobby, hobby becomes work. And GearLimits is not only living that, they stimulate and follow up on it. So weather you think or talk about adventure and discovery, there is always gear involved that makes things fit. Let’s give it an honest review, coming from honest adventures.