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Posted on May 27, 2016 by mvdmedia on Travel story, Updates

Mirtewashere on Burton Girls

Last winter I paid a visit to the beautiful mountains of Georgia. My journey  took me not only far away to the East, it also brought me in contact with the West. Burton Girls, which is part of Burton Snowboards in the United States, published my adventure on their website.

burton girls

Getting curious?

Let me give you a sneak peak:

“Crossing borders is a natural movement, especially when it comes to snowboarding. But these two things combined make for quite a mission when you’re exploring the unknown peaks of beautiful Georgia.

burton girls

Photo by Stefan van der Putten.

The number of interesting places you can reach within just a few hours of travel is one of the greatest things about Europe. You grab your board and get on a plane, only to step out in what seems to be a whole different world. I travelled a few hours forward and landed in a place where time stood still. Behind the wall of Russia, within the peaceful peaks of the Caucasus and next to the silent Black Sea, lies Georgia—a small country with a big history that forms the line between Europe and Asia. A country that nobody talks about, but from which you’ll return with a lot to say.”

burton girls

Photo by Yvonne de Jong.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect from this popular mountain resort, but it was obvious that they had some really good stuff around there. The dark, sharp edges from this morning were exchanged with big, steep faces that rose up around us as soon as the daylight kicked in. Gudauri is small, just a few houses and a handful hotels owned by farmers and winter sport fanatics. One of these fanatics went by the name Armaz Chopikashvili, a local mountain guide. THE local mountain guide. I don’t think there is a part of Gudauri, or all of Georgia for that matter, that he hasn’t explored.”

burton girls

Photo by MVD Media.

You will find the whole story on the website of Burton Girls.